Same Same but Different

Stan at a toy stand

Stan at a toy stand

“Same same but different” is a phrase you often hear in Laos to describe how things here compare to other places, like the United States. Basically, it means that even with things here that seem familiar, there is a bit of Lao twist.

Stan and Erin have been having fun exploring Laos and seeing lots of things that remind them of home. Stan was craving some California avocados, so we found a whole stand of them! There is even an avocado tree growing outside the FISHBIO Lao office, but it doesn’t have any fruit on it yet.

Stan and avocadosWe also went to the bowling alley, and saw unique contraption to help younger bowlers roll the ball down the lane.

Stan at bowling alleyWe also saw a familiar drink with some different writing.

Stan and Lao pepsiWhile it’s comforting to see reminders of home while traveling, what we really enjoy most is seeing things that are unique to Laos, that we can’t find in the U.S.!


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