Meko Learns California History

Learning about the history of Knight's FerryIn addition to releasing baby salmon in the Stanislaus River, Ms. Gee’s third grade students also visited the historic town of Knight’s Ferry, and took Meko along for the ride. Meko got to learn about California history, and how the town was built at the time of the California Gold Rush.

Postcard from the General Store“Here is Flat Meko checking out the oldest operating store west of the Mississippi River,” writes Mrs. Gee. The fish sign for fishing tackle and flys looks a little bit like Stan!

Swim away from bear postcard“Here is flat Meko swimming away as quickly as she can! This is not your ordinary predator! Don’t worry, Meko is quite safe. We are inside the visitors center in Knights Ferry and observed this bear which used to live in this area near Knights Ferry.”

Postcard grinding stone“This is Flat Meko checking out the Indian grinding rocks. These were used by the Yokut and Miwok Indians to grind acorns into a flour. There are many oak trees nearby which provided an abundance of acorns!”

That grinding rock reminded Meko a little of the mortar and pestles used commonly in Laos…

Stan with mortar, pestle, and sticky rice steamer

Stan with a mortar & pestle, and basket used to steam sticky rice

People in Laos sill use some tools today that resemble tools used by California’s Native Americans. Rather than grinding nuts, they use mortars and pestles in cooking for pounding things like herbs and spices to make sauces. This woven basket is used to steam sticky rice over a pot of boiling water.

Thank you to Ms. Gee’s 3rd grade for sharing California history with Meko!


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