Meko and the Baby Salmon

Meko and baby salmonStudents in both California and Laos have been learning all about the fish life cycle – how fish grow and reproduce, and the journeys they take to get from one lifestage to the next. Some California students even raised salmon in their classrooms, where they got to witness life changes happening before their eyes. Meko the traveling Mekong Giant Catfish had the very special opportunity to meet the salmon fry that Ms. Gee’s class raised in Modesto. She thought they were very cute!

Ms. Gee sends these photo postcards of the class’s experience raising the salmon and eventually releasing them in the Stanislaus River: “Sipherd School’s salmon fry are getting ready for their trip to the Stanislaus River at Knights Ferry. Flat Meko is getting acquainted with them and can see that there are 30 healthy salmon which we hope will return to spawn as adults in a few years!”

Meko and class with salmon“Greetings from third grade students at Sipherd School. We are very happy that all our salmon eggs hatched and have developed into healthy salmon fry. We are going to the Stanislaus River today to release them. It has been fun watching them grow!”

Meko and Joefish“We are at the Stanislaus River with Joefish. It’s an exciting day as Sipherd students prepare to release 30 salmon fry into the river. We have enjoyed watching the eggs hatch in our classroom and are sad to say good-bye!”  Meko and class at the river“Here we are at the river’s edge. It’s a cloudy day and the rain has stopped. We are all set to say farewell to our salmon fry. We hope they will make it to the Pacific Ocean and return in a few years to spawn here in the Stanislaus River.”

Meko felt very lucky to be present for this big salmon send-off! Seeing these pictures is giving Stan the Salmon flashbacks of his time as a migrating smolt, and he admits he is a bit homesick for the cool, clear water of the Stanislaus River. But he has his own adventures coming up to visit some new parts of the Mekong River in Laos, so there isn’t too much time to miss home! Stay tuned for more photos…


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