Special Delivery

Letters from ChicoLast week was a big week for letter deliveries here in Laos! Sam and Erin visited all of the Lao classes, and delivered letters Erin had brought from Ms. Gee’s class in Modesto (more photos to come!). The next day, Ms. Panoho told us she had just received a package of letters mailed all the way from 5th graders in Chico, CA! “I have some very happy third graders this week!” Ms. Ponoho wrote to us.

Letters from Chico 2 Last week we also went to visit the post office and discovered that letters mailed from Mr. Heim’s class in Oakdale had arrived! We will be delivering these to the 4th and 6th graders at Panyathip International School very soon. A big thank you to the teachers and students who have made this letter exchange so successful!

Letters from Oakdale

Letters from Mr. Heim’s 4th graders in Oakdale have arrived at the FISHBIO office in Laos!


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