Meko Visits Ms. Panaho’s 3rd Grade

Class with Meko and a school of Mekong fish

Meko and Sam from FISHBIO recently made a class visit to Ms. Panaho’s third graders in Vientiane. Sam talked about the basic geography of the Mekong River, some of the many species of fish in the Mekong, and the importance of fish to the Lao people. He also brought in lots of props from the FISHBIO office, including a preserved freshwater puffer fish, fish measuring equipment, a fish tagging gun, and two Lao fish traps!

Sam showing tagging equipmentExamining a fish trap and preserved puffer fish

The students had prepared lots of great questions about fish and the work of fish scientists. Maybe there will be some future fish biologists in the bunch! Then, after passing around several guide books of fish found in Laos, the students drew pictures of their favorite Mekong fish, which they then cut out and put on a board – now the class has its own school of Mekong fish!

Sam talks about Mekong fish


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