Stan visits Ms. Gee’s 3rd Grade

Ms Gee 3rd gradeToday Stan visited Ms. Gee’s 3rd grade in Modesto, California, along with Erin and Patrick from FISHBIO. The students were excited to learn about Laos, and receive some letters from Lao students! They had already learned the name of the Mekong River, and had even made their own salmon drawings to send back to Laos with Stan. Erin talked to them about Laos and showed a minnow trap that Lao fishers use to catch small fish. Ms. Gee’s students are raising baby salmon in their classroom and will be releasing them into the Stanislaus River when grow a bit bigger. Erin and Patrick with Ms. Gee's classSome questions the students had about Laos:

  • Are there salmon in Laos?
  • How old is Laos?
  • What do Lao classrooms look like?
  • What kind of sports do Lao kids play?

Ms. Gee's students with Stan


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