Stan meets Mr. Heim’s 4th grade


Today, Stan and Erin made a trip to Mr. Heim’s 4th grade class in Oakdale, California. The students knew a lot about salmon and their life cycle – Stan was very impressed! The students showed Stan the baby salmon their school is raising as part of Salmon in the Classroom. These little fish are still alevin, with their big red yolk sacs still attached. The baby fish feed on their yolk sacs until they are entirely absorbed. Stan can’t quite remember what is was like to be so little – but he’s happy he survived!

Stan with baby salmon

Stan with some baby salmon, called alevin. Can you spot the alevin on the gravel?

Erin talked to the students about the upcoming trip she and Stan are making to Laos. The class found Laos on a world map and came up lots of questions to ask students in Laos, and lots more questions about fish. Hopefully Stan will be able to find out some of these answers during his travels, with help from Lao students!

Some student questions about Laos:

  • Are there flying fish in Laos
  • What is the smallest fish?
  • How much does a Mekong giant catfish weigh compared to a halibut?
  • Are there flat fish under the sand in the Mekong?  Do people spear them?
  • What are Laotions’ favorite fish?
  • What sports do Lao children play?
  • What fun activities do Lao children like?
  • What materials are their houses made out of?
  • Does the Mekong Giant Catfish have poisonous barbs?

And a very interesting fish question: why do fish have nostrils if they have gills?

We shall see!

Students show Stan their baby salmon



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