Meet Stan

Stan the SalmonThis is Stan the Salmon. Stan is a Chinook salmon from the Stanislaus River in California, a tributary of the San Joaquin River. Salmon normally make a big journey (called a migration) twice in their lifetime. First, baby salmon migrate from freshwater (rivers) to saltwater (the ocean) to grow.  Then, adult salmon migrate from saltwater to freshwater to lay their eggs. Living as adults in saltwater and reproducing in freshwater makes salmon anadromous.

Stan isn’t an ordinary salmon, though. For one thing, he’s completely flat – a lot like a traveling boy named Flat Stanley. That means Stan can fit right inside a suitcase, and he will soon be traveling on a very unusual migration: all the way across the Pacific Ocean to Southeast Asia! Stan will travel with fish scientists from FISHBIO and learn all about fish and culture in the Mekong River basin. Stay tuned to follow his adventures!


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